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About Us

 Joe and Kim Gluvers purchased Ribbons Galore in the fall of 1995. Over the next several years, they operated out of their family garage and focused on building a clientele based on outstanding customer service from a family-owned business.

In 2001, the Gluvers team launched their first website. Shortly after in 2003, they officially moved their business from the garage to their first commercial site. The launch of the first website and move came with considerable growth and success as Ribbons Galore was able to reach a larger customer base than ever before.

Kim and Joe’s son, Dan, officially joined the team in the fall of 2010. Shortly after, Ribbons Galore launched a groundbreaking website with state of the art online design tools giving customers the ability to create and see a real time preview of their ribbons for the first time.

Ribbons Galore has spent the last decade growing their business and team. They moved to their current commercial space in fall of 2015, doubling the size of their workspace!

Through the years working together as a family at Ribbons Galore, the Gluvers team has learned first hand the possibilities that come with operating a modern family business. From the quality of their products and customer service, to the unmatched online customizing and ordering experience, Ribbons Galore is always focused on the best ways to serve their customers.


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